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• Best electric infrared patio heaters/garden heaters.
• Weathersafe - for heat outdoors.
• Wall type/free-standing.
• Awning & umbrella heaters.

Patio heaters - and in particular electric patio heaters - are now the heater of choice for heat outdoors - on a patio or terrace, or under a pergola, awning or parasol. SunSwitch electric patio heaters work instantly and produce shortwave infrared warmth, just like the sun. Shortwave infrared is the most eco-friendly man-made source of outdoor heat, because it does not heat the air directly, but creates an instant pool of warmth, which will not drift away on the wind. This is not the same with gas patio heaters, carbon infrared or medium wave electric heaters - all of which work by warming the air. Which will then drift away, of course!  

SunSwitch electric patio heaters are completely weatherproof. They are splashproof and waterproof, making them suitable for year round installation and operation outside, in your garden or garden terrace. Their weatherproof rating is so high that you can leave them permanently outdoors, and you can even use the heaters safely in rain or snow.

The high-efficiency, high output elements in SunSwitch electric patio heaters provide outstanding comfort, and economy. Our electric patio heaters can be mounted outdoors on walls, pergolas, posts or fences. Some of our patio heaters are designed to work under awnings, parasols, umbrellas, jumbrellas and other structures. We have a range of stand-mounted portable patio heaters too, which are great if you want to move your electric patio heater around.

Plug one in and feel the heat! No ugly, hazardous gas cylinders to store or grapple with. No waiting for your chiminéa to get going. Furthermore SunSwitch electric patio heaters cost much less than these alternatives to buy and run, and are maintenance-free. No contest!

Safety note: The minimum protection rating for an outdoor electric patio heater is IP23. This means the heater will be completely weatherproof. Most of our electric patio heaters are IPX5 rated, a much higher rating which means they are waterproof even when sprayed with low pressure water jets, such as a hose, from any direction. Whichever electric patio heater you choose though, it must by law be protected by an RCD. Most domestic electric installations have one built-in, but if in doubt, you can buy a plug-top RCD for around £10.00.