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SunSwitch radiant infrared electric heaters are ideal for workshop and production premises of all sizes and types:

• Metal fabrication workshops
• Light and heavy engineering workshops
• Cabinetry and wood workshops
• Assembly workshops
• Storage areas and ancillary offices

SunSwitch heaters produce shortwave infrared. This is a natural, comfortable heat energy which not affected by air movement and stays put even when workshop entry doors and loading bay doors are open. Shortwave infrared can be directed just to the areas actually being used, so in many cases it is not necessary to heat the whole workshop space. This reduces energy usage and costs.

Most of the heaters we supply for workshop use are IPX5 rated. This means they are moisture-proof and splash-proof. We also supply heaters for workshops where dust may be present, e.g joinery workshops. For workshop areas where potentially explosive gases may be present, e.g. oxy-acetylene, our EHSAFE ATEX-rated radiant heater is unequalled. Finally, our portable infrared workshop heaters are a great plug-and-go solution where spot heating is needed.

In many workshops, our infrared heaters are used not only to warm people, but to warm materials and liquids, and cure or dry coatings. We can offer detailed advice on how to go about this.

SunSwitch radiant heaters reach full power instantly, with no warm-up period before use. Our energy-saving comfort controllers allow adjustment of heat output for comfort and economy. In severe cold weather, leaving one or two heaters on overnight, but turned down low, will keep the workshop temperature and humidity stable, protecting materials and equipment at minimal energy cost.

If you require help with heating for your workshop, call us today on 01424 883344.

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