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As of April 2016, garages can no longer burn waste oil as a form of heating unless a special and very costly permit has been granted by DEFRA. So, what are the alternatives?

An automotive garage is a particularly difficult workspace to heat because doors are frequently open for vehicular access. In fact more often than not, a garage workshop is largely open to the elements. Propane gas and electric hot-air blowers are not only noisy - they are very expensive to run. Furthermore, the warmed air they produce will simply dissipate whenever those garage doors are open - which is most of the time. This is not good for the environment or the garage-owner’s wallet.

For good reasons then, garages are increasingly turning to SunSwitch shortwave infrared heaters to reduce heating costs during the winter period. SunSwitch infrared heaters are a viable solution for garage heating because - unlike other heating methods - they do not heat the air directly. This means the warmth will not disperse the moment the garage doors are opened, so emissions and energy usage are reduced.

For garage workshops involved in car body repairs, shortwave infrared has two benefits over other heating methods; it accelerates the drying process without introducing moisture to a painted surface and it doesn't blow dust at it. So it’s goodbye to bubbles. For localised small bodywork repairs, a portable infrared heater speeds up the work flow.

Where possible, we recommend infrared heaters should be wall-mounted or suspended in a garage environment. This will put the heaters safely out of reach, and there is no flex to create a trip hazard. We do though offer a range of portable heaters for use where this is not viable. Where the area to be warmed is underneath a vehicle ramp, heater/s should be positioned so they cover this area.

If you would like help or advice with infrared heating for your garage workshop, call us today on 01424 883344.