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SunSwitch shortwave infrared heaters are ideal for gyms and Dojos, or in fact any environment where physical exercise occurs. Our heaters don't warm the air directly - and while you feel the warmth immediately, the actual air temperature remains lower than with any other form of heating. This means you can lose excess heat readily when exercising. Shortwave infrared is also very beneficial as an aid to warming-up, exercise and warming down. This natural form of heat increases the flow of blood to muscles and the transport of toxins away from them. And it will cost you less to run than any other form of gym heating. It's a win-win!

You probably don't need to heat the whole gym - just spot heat the areas where people are training and the reception/changing areas. Use our Energy-saving Comfort Controllers to regulate heat output for maximum comfort and minimum running costs.

If you require help with heating for your gym or Dojo, call us today on 01424 883344.


Some of our gym customers:

Some gyms that use SunSwitch infrared heating

'We have run a gym for 61 years in Burry Port, South Wales. We have used various systems over that time, most being very poor in terms of heating effectiveness, and always very pricey. We bought the Sunswitch halogen heaters this year, and our first winter is already paying big dividends. The gym is much warmer, with a better kind of heat that doesn't dry their air out. The heat given out is pleasant and warm immediately. According to the electricity meter, energy usage is unbelievably low! We have a much better training environment in already much colder weather in South Wales, and this system will be another boost in retaining our members. I add I would advise without hesitation any business should adopt this system asap! "

Keri Mckibbin Personal Trainer -