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The Miracle of Shortwave Infrared

You are outside on a sunny but icy cold winter’s day. Standing in the shade, you can feel how chilling the air is. But standing in the sun you can feel its power and warmth. Warmth which soaks into you. Warming you to the core. Nurturing you. What you are feeling is Shortwave Infrared – a natural and comfortable form of warmth. Longer wavelengths of infrared don’t reach the earth – they are filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. Only shortwave infrared from the sun reaches the earth’s surface. It... Read More

Whats the best outdoor patio heater

SUNSWITCH ARE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS OF THE STAR PROGETTI RANGE OF INFRARED OUTDOOR HEATERS. THEY OVERCOME THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES OF HEATING OUTDOORS WITH INNOVATIVE INFRARED TECHNOLOGY. STAR PROGETTI manufactured and developed in Italy the concept of ‘Infrared Electric Outdoor Heating’ technology over 20 years ago, and since then have maintained an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in outdoor infrared heating. STAR PROGETTI short wave infrared heaters have become a must in modern outdoor heating, outdoor dining and the outdoor areas of pubs and bars (including smoking areas), able to heat... Read More


Drive in test centres save energy with shortwave heaters

A trial installation of shortwave infrared heaters supplied by UK company SunSwitch Ltd. has dramatically reduced energy demand while improving comfort levels in a Drive in Virus Test Centre in Norway. Two 6kW Helios heaters replaced a 70kW gas blower, cutting energy usage by over 80%. Better still, according to TOLCON, which masterminded the project, comfort has been greatly improved. The plan now is to roll the technology out to other test centres across the country.


Best heater for a dusty workshop or shed

It’s that time of year when most of us need some added warmth in our workshops. However, with nearly all types of heaters, dust from woodworking, metalworking or DIY can cause safety and reliability issues. This is because in most heaters, the thing that produces the heat, known as the element, is exposed to the dust. Not only will this affect the operation of the heater, sometimes it can be downright dangerous! The solution is a high quality shortwave infrared heater like the VARMA ECOWRN/7. This 1.3kW electric heater with... Read More


The world’s only radiant ATEX heater just got better

Launched originally in 2012, the EHSAFE shortwave infrared heater has been replaced by a new, radically re-engineered model. It is imported and distributed in the UK solely by SunSwitch Limited. The new heater features an integrated cast heat sink, a ROBAX ceramic front panel, and an improved heater mounting assembly. It is IP66 rated and is suitable for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2 where potentially flammable/explosive gas or dust may be present. A key aspect of the new model is that it does not need to be returned... Read More