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You have probably found this web page because you are looking for a replacement quartz halogen infrared element or you require advice installing or maintaining a quartz halogen infrared heater.

For advice on installing or maintaining a quartz halogen infrared heater, please contact the original equipment manufacturer. If that is not possible it may help to look at our general installation guidelines. These may help with the installation of IP54 electric patio heaters. You can also download installation instructions from there.

Replacement infrared elements

We supply replacement elements and many other spares for quartz halogen heaters by mail order. Please telephone the number at the top of this web page. The elements we supply include the gold ones manufactured by Philips. They fit a variety of SunSwitch and other products::

Philips 1300W HLN
fits: SunSwitch IP54, Heliosa and VarmaSpot; Tansun 1.3kW Algarve Patio Heater and Algarve 2; Sunway 1.3kW Patio Heater; Star Progetti Helios.

Philips 2000W HLN
fits: SunSwitch WP2; Tansun Algarve 2 Patio Heater and derivatives; Star Progetti WP2.

Please note - neither of these elements is compatible with the imported Chinese quartz halogen heater that has been marketed by TLC and some other electrical wholesalers under the name 'Sunspot'.



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