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SunSwitch Weathersafe™ - the Quartz Halogen Electric Patio Heater specialist
Confused by the range of electric patio heaters available? Don't be! SunSwitch is a leading supplier of quartz halogen electric heaters and accessories. We don't offer cheap patio heaters - only selected quality heaters capable of extended trouble-free service. All of our electric patio heaters shown below are CE approved. They are fully weathersafe™ and are suitable for year-round use outdoors on your garden patio terrace or balcony.

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RAYZAR™ 2kW/2.5kW
The hottest Patio Heater around just got hotter!
from £228.00 delivered
This stunning weatherproof quartz halogen patio heater has just had a power boost to 2.5kW. Amazing heat output! Astonishing value!
Rayzar heater

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HELIOSA 11 1.5kW
Compact Patio Heater
£165.00 delivered
Fabulous compact infrared patio heater supplied with wall and parasol mounting brackets. Excellent heat output, great reliability and low running costs. Check it out.
Heliosa 11 electric patio heaters

free parasol bracket included
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Heliosa 991/992
1.5kW Patio Heater + Stand
£320.00 delivered

Heliosaa 991 and 992 IPX5 patio heater stand combinations

This elegant stand and patio heater combination is ideal for terraces, decking and lawns. It's fully portable so you can have SunSwitch infrared warmth wherever and whenever you want.

+ Details

Electric Patio Heater suitable for coastal areas
£342.00 delivered
The big SEASIDE infrared patio heater with its stainless steel enclosure is ideal for all outdoor locations - including coastal areas.

Seaside 2kW heater

+ Details

Patio Heater + Stand
from £216.00 delivered

Giraffa portable heater

+ Details

See our stock clearance and end of line items for unmissable deals on quartz halogen infrared heaters and accessories.
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Controllers, timers, mounting brackets and more!
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We stock replacement heater elements and other parts for a wide range of infrared quartz halogen electric heaters.
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Our service promise . . .
• Free delivery - no minimum order!
• All heaters are pre-tested and checked
• Comprehensive after-sales service

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Features and benefits of a SunSwitch Electric Patio Heater

A SunSwitch electric patio heater produces short wavelength infrared warmth, just like the sun. This does not heat the air but it does warm anything in front of the patio heater very effectively. Including you - and your cat/dog. Every SunSwitch patio heater is completely weatherproof, making it suitable for year round installation and use in a garden, on a patio, a terrace or balcony. You can even use your SunSwitch electric patio heater in the rain or snow.

The high-efficiency, high output elements in every SunSwitch electric patio heater provide outstanding comfort, and economy, with running costs from a few pence per hour. A SunSwitch electric patio heater produces shortwave infrared which does not warm the air directly. There is no noise, no smell and no emissions, making a SunSwitch electric patio heater much more eco-friendly than a gas patio heater. Our patio heaters also produce an attractive light output which adds ambience during the evening.

Your SunSwitch patio heater can be mounted on a wall, pergola, post or fence. Some of our patio heaters are also ideal for use under awnings and parasols. We supply a wide range of accessories including heater brackets, heater controllers and replacement parts. Plug one in and feel the heat! No ugly, hazardous gas cylinders to store or grapple with. No waiting for your chiminée to get going. Furthermore a SunSwitch electric patio heater costs much less than these alternatives to buy and run, and is completely maintenance-free. No contest!

Gas patio heater  

In January 2008, Euro MPs voted to consider a ban on patio heaters as part of a drive to cut CO2 emissions. There has been a considerable amount of misreporting concerning this issue, not least an assertion reported in the media that an outdoor gas patio heater produces over 4 tonnes of CO2 in a year - more than a small family saloon car. Please be assured, they don't! We do not condone the use of gas patio heaters, but we don't like misreporting and our eco-friendly electric patio heaters are caught up in the debate.

Patio heaters and the environment - read the facts!!


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