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With gas and oil prices at an all time high, SunSwitch Quartz Halogen industrial heaters could reduce your energy bills substantially. Quartz Halogen electric heating uses up to 60% less energy than other heating methods. It's time to make the switch!
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Wall or floor mounted heaters?
Where possible we recommend wall-mounted heaters should be used rather than portable workshop heaters. There are no trailing flexes to trip over, the heaters are mounted safely out of normal reach, and they are much less likely to be knocked and damaged. Portable or mobile heaters are a good temporary solution though.

SunSwitch hottest in independent trial of industrial workshop heaters
Our aim is to supply only heaters that provide outstanding quality, reliability and of course heat output. With many infrared industrial heaters, the amount of warmth given out is much less than the power rating and energy consumption would suggest. In December 2010, Classics Monthly tested the SunSwitch RAYZAR against six other infrared workshop industrial heaters up to 3kW including the Prem-I-Air BIG RAD and Sealey. The SunSwitch heater came out with the highest heat output of all the models tested - a ringing endorsement of SunSwitch quality.
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Classics recommended hottest heater tested

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See our range of quartz halogen electric industrial heaters:

  Varma400 2kW quartz halogen industrial heater

Varma V400 2kW
Quartz halogen infrared industrial heater

£178.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  V400 2-30 3kW Quartz Halogen Industrial Heater - broad throw

Varma V400 2H 3kW/4kW
Broad throw infrared industrial heater

From £291.50 + vat (delivered!)

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  V400 2V-30 3kW Quartz Halogen Industrial Heater - long throw

Varma V400 2V 3kW/4kW
Long throw infrared industrial heater

From £291.50 + vat (delivered!)

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  Dust and splashproof industrial heaters :
  Rayzar IP65 infrared heater

RAYZAR 2.0kW/2.5kW IP65
This stunning quartz halogen electric heater has just had a power boost to 2.5kW. Amazing heat output! Astonishing value! Suitable for use in wet industrial areas. Can even be hosed down or rinsed off.

from £190.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  Mobile garage heater

Varma Fire 3kW
Rugged portable heater suitable for use as a general industrial workshop heater or for curing paint and laquers. Switchable output level

£320.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  ATEX approved heaters for hazardous areas:
  ATEX certified heater for hazardous areas

ATEX 20 2.0kW
Now power-boosted to 2.0kW this is the only Atex-compliant infrared heater designed for hazardous industrial or workshop areas where potentially explosive gases may be present.

£560.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  Heaters for food preparation areas :
  Seaside 2kW heater

WR2000/SS 2.0kW
This heater has been approved for use within the food industry. It features a splashproof hygienic stainless steel enclosure and a Robax ceramic glass front.

£285.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  Spot heaters for small areas:
  Spot 2 Quartz Halogen Heater for garages and workshops

Heliosa 33 1.3kW
Quartz halogen infrared electric heater for spot heating in a factory, garage or workshop.

£144.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  High-power high-bay infrared heaters :
  HPV60 High power infrared heater

HPV60T 6.0kW
Suitable for use in larger industrial units and warehouses. Three-phase compatible.

£450.00 + vat (delivered!)

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  12kW highbay infrared heater

MoD 12.0kW
Military specification 12kW infrared radiant heater suitable for use in aircraft hangars etc.


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  Controls for quartz halogen infrared heaters:
  CC1 energy saving comfort controller

CC1 3kW
Energy-saving comfort controller + soft start

£90.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  CC3 Energy saving comfort controller

CC3 4kW/6kW
Energy-saving comfort controller + soft start

From £207.50 + vat (delivered!)

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  Envirostat FP4E Frost Protection Controller

Envirostat 4kW
Frost protection controller + soft start
(CC3 compatible)

£67.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  Envirostat FP6E Frost Protection Controller

Envirostat 6kW
Frost protection controller + soft start
(CC3 compatible)

£112.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  InfrescoP push button timer

Infresco - T
Push-button timer + soft start

From £95.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  Infresco S Soft start

Infresco - S
Soft start

From £75.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  Infresco PIR-ambient temperature sensor - soft start

Infresco - P
PIR+ambient temp. sensor+soft start

From £104.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  3kW PIR

SunSwitch PIR
3kW Passive infra red detector

£80.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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  T30 Coin or token operated meter

T30 Coin/token meter
Meter with configurable 'on' time

£175.00 + vat (delivered!)

+ Details

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