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Hard to heat buildings   Workshop and industrial heating   Conservatory heaters   Garden patio heaters
Industrial heaters   Workshop heaters   Conservatory heaters   Patio heaters
churches and heritage buildings   Garage heaters   gym and dojo heating   Hard to heat buildings
Church heating   Garage heaters   Gym & dojo heating   Offices shops
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• for infrared industrial heaters - workshop heaters - patio heaters - church heating - or for your shop, office or home . . . look no further!

Whether you are looking for heaters for your garage, workshop or industrial unit, your patio or conservatory, or for a church, community hall or heritage building, SunSwitch can help. We provide a wide range of eco-friendly infrared heaters for all indoor and outdoor applications, which are inexpensive, easy to install and cheap to run. We are pleased to offer free help and advice on their selection and use. Talk to SunSwitch today on 01424 883344.

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Industrial heaters

A proven range of rugged electric infrared heaters suitable for use in demanding industrial heating applications. Includes wall-mounted and portable heater models for use in a garage or workshop environment. All of our industrial heaters work instantly with no pre-heating required and provide very low running costs as well as great reliability. We even supply heaters for use in harsh environments including damp, wet or dusty workshop production areas and ATEX approved heaters where fumes may be present.

Most popular industrial heaters:

Varma400 2kW quartz halogen heater V400 2-30 3kW Quartz Halogen Heater V400 2V-30 3kW Quartz Halogen Heater

Varma V400 2kW
£178.00 + vat
£213.60) delivered

Varma V400 3kW/4kW
rom £291.50 + vat
(£349.80) delivered
Varma V400 3kW/4kW
from £291.50 + vat
(£349.80) delivered
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Heaters for retail shops, offices and restaurants

No one wants to shop, work or eat in a cold environment. So your business could suffer as a result. SunSwitch Quartz Halogen infrared is an inexpensive solution, delivering instant comfort to staff and customers, increasing productivity and sales. Install them in a draughty shop, office or restaurant for an instant plug-and-go solution to the winter blues!

See the stylish Hi-design range from Star Progetti here

shop heaters Office heaters office heaters
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Conservatory heaters

conservatory heating conservatory heater image Conservatory heaters

Conservatories are wonderful living spaces but they are notoriously difficult and expensive to heat. This is particularly true if you try to heat them with radiators or fan heaters. SunSwitch infrared conservatory heaters work instantly, delivering amazing comfort levels from the moment you switch them on. The heaters we recommend for use in your conservatory work brilliantly, will save you energy, and look fantastic! And we have a range of Energy Saving Comfort Controllers that will maintain background heat and then boost it up for that morning coffee!. SunSwitch conservatory heaters will change the way you make use of your valuable conservatory space.

See the stylish Hi-design range from Star Progetti here

Heliosa 33 conservatory heater Heliosa 44 Conservatory Heater Heliosa 88 heater with remote control

Heliosa 33 1.3kW
£144.00 + vat
(£172.80) delivered

Heliosa 44 2kW
£169.00 + vat
(£202.80) delivered
Heliosa 88 3kW
£275.00 + vat
(£330.00) delivered
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Church heating & community halls

SunSwitch electric infrared heaters are ideal for use in architecturally sensitive settings, including listed churches and other fine buildings. Unlike other forms of church heating, minimal pre-warming is required, and the comfort level can be adjusted instantly. We offer a full design and specification service to our church heating and community hall customers. Phone 01424 883344 for an informal discussion.

Church heating with infrared Infrared church heaters Infrared church heaters

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Patio Heaters - year round heat outdoors

Confused by the wide range of electric patio heaters available? Don’t be! SunSwitch is the UK's leading supplier of outdoor patio heaters and accessories. We don’t sell cheap patio heaters – only selected quality heaters capable of extended trouble-free service. All of the patio heaters we sell are CE approved and are safe for year round use outdoors. We supply weathersafe patio heaters to UK, EU and other destinations.

Most popular patio heaters:

Rayzar 2kW Electric Patio Heater Heliosa 11 IPX5 Electric Patio Heater Stylish free-standing patio heaters

from £190.00 + vat
(£228.00) delivered

Heliosa 11 1.5kW
£137.50 + vat
(£165.00) delivered
Stylish free-standing Patio Heaters from £266.67 + vat
(£320.00) delivered


See our stock clearance and end of line items for unmissable deals on infrared heaters and accessories.
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Controllers, timers, mounting brackets and more!
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We stock replacement elements and other parts for a wide range of infrared quartz halogen heaters.
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BUSINESSES - w ith gas and oil prices at an all-time high, switching to SunSwitch Quartz Halogen could reduce your energy bills substantially. Quartz halogen uses up to 60% less energy than other building heating methods. Now is the time to make the switch.
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Independent trial finds SunSwitch heater hottest

Classics Monthly tested the SunSwitch RAYZAR 2kW against six infrared workshop heaters up to 3kW including the Prem-I-Air BIG RAD and Sealey. The SunSwitch heater came out with the highest heat output of all the models tested by far - a ringing endorsement of SunSwitch quality. At the end of the day, if it's heat you want, buy SunSwitch!
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Infrared electric heaters

Not all electric infrared heaters are the same! 'Halogen' infrared heaters are not the same as the 'Quartz Halogen' heaters we sell. Halogen infrared heaters are not as effective as Quartz Halogen and do not 'throw' the radiant infrared heat as far. They also consume more electricity for a given level of comfort. The same applies to 'Quartz' electric heaters which are distinguished by the grey colour of their heater elements. When it comes to heaters, it really pays to know what you want.


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